Contact the Child Abduction Unit

If your child is about to leave Denmark without your consent, please call the police immediately at +45 114. The police are the ones who can physically prevent that your child is taken abroad.

If there is an acute risk that your child is about to leave Denmark and you have joint custody, and you have contacted the police, you can call the Child Abduction Unit's advice line on:

+45 40 50 50 26

If your situation is not acute, and you have joint custody, you should contact the State Administration on 72 56 70 00. 


The Child Abduction Unit

The advice line is open 24 hours day and night (except Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve) and is operated by staff members of the Ministry for Children and Social Affairs.

The staff member can give you advice on the following:

  • The rules that apply in your situation
  • The authorities that you should contact, and how they can help you
  • The precautions that you can take yourself

We are also able to make a temporary decision on custody under the Danish Act on Parental Responsibility if we assess, based on information from the police, that there is a specific and real risk that your child is about to leave Denmark, to make sure the child remains in Denmark (section 27).

The risk of abduction must be acute. An example is that one parent has disappeared with the child, and the police confirm that the information available indicates that the parent intends to leave Denmark with the child.

The staff member cannot do the following:

  • Help you physically with bringing back the child.
  • Help you if you have sole custody. In that case, contact the police.
  • Help you if you do not have custody. In that case, the other parent is allowed to leave without your consent.
  • Represent you in dealings with other authorities, etc., in Denmark or abroad or in dealings with the other parent who has abducted or intends to abduct your child.