Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

The Child Abduction Unit handles in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreigh Affairs cases where your child has been abducted or retained in a non convention country.

If your situation is acute, you should contact the police immediately on (+45) 114.

If your situation is not acute, and your child has been abducted to or is being retained in a state which has not acceded to either of the conventions, the Child Abduction Unit handles the case in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You can contact the Child Abduction Unit on +45 40 50 50 26, which coordinates the efforts to get your child back, or contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs directly on their duty telephone number: +45 33 92 11 12.

You can find more information about how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can help you on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website here.

You can find information about how the Child Abduction Unit can help you here.